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In Our Nest - Patricia Berg-Drazin

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One of the best things about running our business is the wonderful people we get to work with. Designers, suppliers, store owners, and healthcare providers are as much a part of bringing Nesting Pillows and Nest Eggs to the world as the buckwheat hulls that fill our pillows. 

Since so many of our partners are behind the scenes, we thought it would be fun to introduce them to you with these interviews. 

Patricia Berg-Drazin, RLC, IBCLC, CST-D is a Lactation Consultant and the President of Breastfeeding and Parenting Solutions in the Chicagoland, Illinois area. She was one of the first Lactation Consultants to join our wholesale program, and she has been incredibly nurturing and supportive to us over the years. 

For over 28 years, Patricia has been empowering and caring for nursing mothers. Her website is a wealth of resources and information for women needing support for nursing their babies.

BN: Give a brief description of what your business is, what you do, and whom you serve

PBD: I assistant families in reaching their breastfeeding goals. My role is to provide families with research based information with which to make informed decisions for themselves and their little ones. I also provide support and encouragement as they work towards their goals.

BN: What led you to this career?

PBD: I became an international board certified lactation consultant because I saw too many women not being given information or being allowed to make decisions for themselves. (read more of her story here)

BN: Do you have a particular memory or client whose story has been a lasting encouragement for what you do?

PBD: I helped a woman preparing to adopt to initiate lactation. She was away on vacation and called me to tell me that she was producing milk – this was before the era of the cell phone so I was really honored. The adoption fell through and I was heart broken. When she came to return the pump to me she shared how seeing her body produce milk helped her in healing for her inability to bear children. 

BN: Are you involved in any charities or community outreach groups you’d like to mention?

PBD: I am both on the board and an admin for Breastfeed Chicago - Breastfeed Chicago is a mom-powered, non-profit organization established to support mothers in breastfeeding. We work to build a cohesive and sustainable support network for breastfeeding moms through the connection of resources, cultural normalization, and institutional advocacy. On our Facebook page mothers can share stories, ask for support/ advise/ assistance and information. We are almost 28,000 strong in about 5 years.

BN: What is the best advice you think a new mom should hear about breastfeeding?

PBD: Pain is not normal. Reach out and ask for assistance/ trust your instincts / if you are not getting the help you want/need, go elsewhere until you get the assistance that you need.

BN: How do you hope your clients feel by being served by you?

PBD: I hope they feel supported. I hope they know that I am always available to talk or listen.

Thank you, Patricia, for all you do for moms and their babies, and for being such a good friend to us too.


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