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Commonly asked questions about Blessed Nest products:


Do you use any chemicals or finishes (including flame retardants) on Blessed Nest products?

No. Absolutely not, not in a million years. Never, ever, not even a little bit, wouldn't consider it even if it meant shutting the business down. Nada. No way.

(the required law label that is on your pillow states that we comply with Federal standards, namely TB117, but that doesn't mean that we treat our pillows with flame retardants. It means that we instead opted to have them tested to make sure that they did not pose a fire hazard.)


What is Blessed Nest's return policy?

As long as the return was pre-authorized, will issue a refund for the price of the item if we receive it in unused, re-sellable condition within 30 days of purchase (or 30 days from the date it was delivered to you.) Returned items may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. We are not able to refund shipping charges, and we cannot accept used items due to Department of Health regulations. Used items, and those returned without packaging will be donated to a local charity, and no refund will be issued unless prior arrangements have been made. Refunds are applied to the same method of payment as the original transaction, unless prior arrangements have been made, such as in the case of a gift. Orders placed through Amazon must be processed through their system and are subject to Amazon policies and rules.

We recommend sending the package with insurance and tracking notifications. Please send it in the same or similar packaging it was received in, since damaged or soiled items cannot be accepted for a refund. Please include a note with your name and the original order number, so we are able to apply the appropriate refund and/or respond.

If there was a defect or other issue with your item, please contact us immediately and we will make every effort to resolve it as soon as possible. If you need personal support for how to best use your Nesting Pillow, we will be more than happy to contact you directly. There are also resources available on our website, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages.


The slipcover can be machine washed and dried, but what about cleaning the Nesting Pillow and Nest Egg insert?

To clean the insert of your Nesting Pillow or Nest Egg, spot clean the fabric with soapy water or vinegar (which is great for neutralizing odor, especially if it's from urine) then throw it in the dryer with a slightly damp towel (adding a bit of essential oil or a dryer sheet is nice, too) and tumble on medium heat for about 20 minutes. Just make sure you don't saturate it or immerse it in water, or the buckwheat hulls end up like oatmeal (you don't want to learn this one the hard way). If you do this every few months or so, your Nesting Pillow and Nest Egg will stay fluffed, sanitized and free of dust mites!

*it's not unusual for some dark specks to work their way through the fabric... it's just from the buckwheat hulls breaking down a bit and it won't cause any harm to you, your baby or your dryer (the towel will usually pick up any debris that escapes)


Does the buckwheat hull filling in the Nesting Pillow and Nest Egg make it firm or flexible?

The unique attributes of the organic buckwheat hull filling assure stability and flexibility, while allowing air to circulate. This provides stable body support and proper positioning for the infant, making feeding more comfortable for both child and caregiver. These properties also make it beneficial as a sleeping pillow, for support during pregnancy and childbirth, and even to make lap-top computer use more comfortable.

What is the size and weight of the Nesting Pillow?

The Nesting Pillow is about 30” wide, 16” deep, 5” high and weighs about 5.5 pounds.

Why does my Nesting Pillow seem to weigh more than other nursing pillows I’ve seen?

The Nesting Pillow contains just enough buckwheat hull filling to provide flexibility and firm support while nursing or snuggling your baby. This allows the pillow to mold to your body and your baby's, because the buckwheat hulls interlock to hold their position when pressure is applied. Unlike lighter foam, polyester or cotton filled pillows, the weight of the Nesting Pillow provides stability which will allow for a more relaxed baby and longer nursing sessions.

The weight is also a benefit for moms who have had a C-section. Once the initial pain of the incision begins to dissipate, having the Nesting Pillow across your lap helps to relieve the pain of laughing or coughing while your body continues to heal.

Does the Nesting Pillow work for twins?

Many moms of multiples have found our products to be very helpful for all stages with their babies, from pregnancy through toddler. In my research to design a pillow specifically for tandem nursing, I found that it was actually more beneficial to use two Nesting Pillows that could support each baby in the proper position, rather than one giant pillow that would accommodate both babies on the same flat surface. The shape and filling of the Nesting Pillow makes it very easy to work together, to allow each baby to be positioned in different ways. It's also great to have one for each baby, since there will be times when only one is ready to nurse. Having the other nestled in their Nesting Pillow while their sibling is getting set up is extremely helpful.  

Are there other uses for the Nesting Pillow and Nest Egg?

Originally designed to make nursing easier, the Nesting Pillow and Nest Egg have proven to be very versatile! (we love this post about one family's favorite uses)

* Kate started sleeping through the night for the first time since she was a few weeks pregnant, once she had it to support her growing belly
* Amy used hers during childbirth, to be a little more comfortable while bring her little one into the world
* Matt and Angela used theirs to hold little Elizabeth on the long plane ride home to Kansas after adopting their little girl in Taiwan
* Gracie is 3, and loves to use hers as a bean-bag chair
* When her mom isn’t using it to feed Sophie, Tabitha likes to lounge around on hers, and read books to her little sister
* Danielle brings hers to the grocery store so her little one won’t face-plant into the shopping cart when she wants to sleep through the produce section
* Tim won’t admit this to his friends, but he rarely watches football without being propped up on the one that is supposed to belong to his wife
* Ryan is a 30-something kid that ordered one to rest his arms and controls on while playing Play Station
* Sierra has a bad back from waiting tables in her early 20s and lifting her toddler in her later 20s, so she can’t sleep without hers
* Allison says that it makes the perfect place for her Laptop, since it stays put and keeps her lap cool

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