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Face Masks

face masks in printed fabrics

 Our face masks were designed to be comfortable, versatile, and provide the most protection possible from a fabric mask.

While they are not a replacement for the N95 mask, we set out to make them more beneficial than any other we could find.

  • the weave of fabric is more important than the number of layers, and we used the two (French terry and sateen) that were the most highly related in every study we could find
  • 100% organic, GOTS certified, untreated, and completely machine washable, so you're not breathing through chemicals or other potentially harmful substances
  • soft, durable, latex-free elastic; the same that is used for cloth diapers
  • the exclusive design allows the mask to be worn with elastic over the ears or fitted with the adjustable head strap, while making it possible to move it down when necessary, rather than removing it and risking contamination 
  • the unique shape and thickness of the elastic creates a "V" instead of a loop, and when used with the adjustable strap, it prevents irritation behind the ears
  • shape, gathering, and pleats allow for a versatile fit against the face, so there's more coverage and less "eyeglass fog"
  • available in Vanilla Bean, various prints, or funny faces, drawn by our resident artist, Ruby
  • lovingly handmade in America, using the highest quality and most durable materials available



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